Spray Records

Croptracker’s award-winning spray recording software allows for quick and easy management of your pesticide applications and chemical inventories.
Spray records are often required by food buyers and food processors, so it is vital to have these records accurate and easily-accessible.

Spray Records & Schedules

  • Record what, where, and when chemicals are applied and by whom.
  • Record spray schedules in advance and copy schedules for the future.
  • Print or e-mail schedules for technicians and applicators.
  • Auto-calculate the correct tank sizes and chemical amounts required for each application.
  • Auto-calculate withholding periods, post-harvest intervals (PHI), and re-entry intervals (REI).
  • Receive e-mail alerts when it is safe for workers to enter each block.

Chemical Inventory

  • Let Croptracker automatically maintain an up-to-date inventory of your chemicals on-site based on your spray and purchase records.
  • Analyze chemical usage and costs.
  • Automate tank mixes.
  • Minimize waste and disposal costs.
  • Print, download, or e-mail a cost analysis of your chemical usage.